Women Who Vape E-Cigarettes for Women

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The Oxford English Dictionary declared “vape” its 2014 Word of the Year, and it’s not just men getting into vaping culture these days. Cristen and Caroline puff on how the rapidly growing e-cigarette industry is selling women on vaping and how it compares to how Big Tobacco lit up female smokers.

Honestly, I was getting worried, because what was I supposed to do with a unisex e-cigarette that doesn’t feature discotheque-purple and Monotype Corsiva script on the box? Bang it on the table? Make a sandwich with it? I don’t knowww.

Considering the female-geared advertising for cigarette brands like Virginia Slims a scant few decades ago, it’s pretty unsurprising that Vaping Vamps, the first electronic cigarette targeted specifically for women, went on the market earlier this month. The brand was created by Maria Verven, a lifelong non-smoker whose 18-year-old daughter was trying to quit. Verven was displeased when she searched for e-cigarettes on the Internet. “I couldn’t find any websites that truly connected with women, earned their trust and educated them on the benefits of vaping over smoking.”

So, who (theoretically) smokes these particular e-cigarettes? Let them explain it.

A Vaping Vamp is a mature, confident woman. She’s vital. Vibrant. Vivacious. Full of vim and vigor.

Whether out on the town at restaurants, theatres and events, working out at the local gym, cheering on her kids in sports or staying in to quilt, read or craft, a Vaping Vamp enjoys life.

A Vaping Vamp revels in her femininity. She’s not afraid to be who she is. She loves expressing herself in her clothing, hair and make-up.

KandyPens-ReviewAnd she takes good care of herself. She knows that looking good on the outside is a reflection of who she is on the inside.

The sentiment behind Vaping Vamps is admirable—it’s the first independent e-cigarette company targeted specifically to women, not to mention run by a woman, and it donates part of its proceeds to Dress For Success, a non-profit organization that helps financially-struggling women acquire professional attire for job interviews. However, aside from the packaging, it doesn’t look like the actual e-cigarette is tailored to suit the specific needs of women at all, who have a different quit process than men do and could undoubtedly benefit from a little innovation to make the device suit their needs specifically, rather than just include a number of “kissable” fruit flavors to vape with and such.