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Whats going on in the wonderful world of vaping.

Is the E-Cigarette Bubble About to Burst?

Photograph of Audrey Hepburn by Photo 12/Alamy. Photo-illustration by Paul Spella. On a sunny Friday this spring, a thick haze lingered in the lobby of the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon. It was sweet, like apples and chocolate, and was coming from people huddled around tables near an indoor koi pond, sucking on metal contraptions with

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Reducing smoking: A guide for state policy makers

PDF Download Text A review of public health literature related to smoking cessation suggests smoking bans and efforts to stop minors from smoking can be very effective. They help in two ways: reducing smoking where banned and de-normalizing cigarette smoking. Tobacco taxes may be reaching the limits of their effectiveness as a public health measure

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Indiana legislation E Juice

To all of you Indiana Vapers, and even those not in Indy– Beware the current legislation. It will treat ejuice and ecigs like tobacco products. This can lead to sin taxes which will increase prices significantly and potentially put the small shops out of business. Not only does this impact Indiana, but it may become

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Ecigs Vaping The Formaldehyde Lie

Formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen found in cigarette smoke, also dwells in the vaporized liquid of popular electronic or e-cigarettes, researchers said Wednesday. E-cigarette sales are booming in the United States and many hoped so- called “vaping” would replace tobacco smoking and be a panacea for the nearly 160,000 lung cancer deaths associated with conventional

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E Juice news – affordable ejuice

If there’s one word that can sum up the vaping scene it’s “variety.” There have been very few industries in history that has boasted the sheer variety of products, technology and tastes as the vaping industry. Choice is great for a consumer, and it guarantees ongoing innovation and improvement. From where we’re sitting, there doesn’t

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