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JoyeTech Cuboid Logos

If you’re an owner of a Joyetech Cuboid and would like to change your Devices logos you can download the software below in the included zip file. The programs included are for windows based computers however at the Joyetech website you can download a version for apple.

Several logos are also included in theLogos_Imagezip file. If you need instructions on how to change the logo on your cuboid there are a few videos below to assist you. You can also make your own logos with photoshop as well as most any painting application such as paint within windows.

Note: If you do not wish to update the firmwarebut only want to change the logo on you’re cuboid you can use the LOGO tool from the firmware update program. Just plugin you’re cuboid, launch the update program, click on LOGO and browse to the logo you want to apply to your device.


Have fun!

On another note… People who own the Cuboid and have had problems with Temp Control with Stainless Steel Coils after updating firmware. Here is a solution. On average Cotton wicking material burns at around 360 degrees however after updating your firmware to 3.11 or 3.12 you may experience temp protection kicking in early when using SS coils.Cuboid_picThere is a problem with accurate temp readings/settings on the cuboid.The Temp settings are between 50-60 degrees off. In order to use Temp Control with SS316 you need to set your temp to a minimum of 400 degrees, and lock the Ohm readings for your coil. Give it a try and let’s hear from you in the comments section below.

Helpful Videos

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