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To all of you Indiana Vapers, and even those not in Indy– Beware the current legislation. It will treat ejuice and ecigs like tobacco products. This can lead to sin taxes which will increase prices significantly and potentially put the small shops out of business.

Not only does this impact Indiana, but it may become a legal precedent and enable other states to follow suit with similar legislation. We can all agree on the basics: safe bottles, no underage, accurate labeling, etc, but most proposed legislation takes it too far.

Be proactive and contact the Indiana Governor as well as your local representatives and urge them not to pass any bill that would treat ecigs and ejuice like tobacco products. That treatment would stifle free enterprise and allow big tobacco to rule the market.

A summary from Reddit user Vorrador02

E-liquid is now a tobacco product, regardless of nicotine strength. This can lay ground for future sin taxes.
Distributors, mixers and manufactures must have a clean room (lab grade) locked under a keypad system that is monitored by a third party security company.
An alcohol and tobacco license must be applied for and purchased to manufacture e-liquid. $1000 initial, $500 every 5 years.
Anyone applying for this permit is subject to background checks and may not obtain a permit if felonies exist on their personal record.
These regulations also apply to anyone out of state wishing to sell e-liquid in Indiana. Tough shit, if they can’t meet these requirements they face a civil fine of up to $10,000.
This may include DIY ingredients as well. If your nude nicotine can’t meet the new proposed regulations then you can’t get it.

Governor Mike Pence hasn’t signed the bill yet. Call him at 317-232-4567. Email can be sent via: Write a letter to: 200W Washington St. Rm 206, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Oppose Indiana HB 1432 and SB 539