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    I would love to hear from our customers how your package arrives, the condition of the package and it’s contents. I had one customer who said his order was lost, then said it was stolen even though USPS showed it was delivered, then he said he received the package but it was tore open and taped back together by the USPS.

    So I’m curious how each and every one of you receive your package and the condition of it and it’s contents.

    Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

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    I received my package in excellent condition. The order was shipped in a box and did not appear to be tampered with nor was it damaged in any way. The contents were well packaged and there was no leakage or any damage to the bottles of e-juice. I only ordered four flavors (this was my first order), I’ve had the order for less than a week and have been pleased with your juice. Will definitely plan on ordering more juice from you. Thank you for providing a good juice at an affordable price.


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      Thanks Lawrence, I am pleased to know your order arrived in good condition. Of all the orders we’ve had we had 1 customer who said his order appeared to have been opened by USPS then repackaged then delivered to him an empty box. It’s hard to believe the service you get in parts of the country. I also appreciate your honest reviews and enjoy our juice. Remember you get rewards points too for each review you write.
      Thanks, Martin Smith

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I will not be acceptiong orders at this time due to on going personal health issuse. Thanks, Martin Smith - Please check back.