Celebrities who have replaced smoking for vaping

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Celebrities who have replaced smoking for vaping

It’s official: vaping is the new cooler replacement for smoking.7b7746b2213215ccFor proof, take a look at the legion of celebrities who are swapping their original tobacco for newer, flashier e-cigarettes.

The potential health benefits of vaping celebrities_vapinghave been well discussed, with newer blends being analysed via E liquid testing by El Science and others, while the depth of flavour and modifications has added an exciting edge to this new lifestyle choice.

It’s obviously reached the eyes and ears of prominent musicians, actors, presenters and…. people famous for being famous. Here are ten celebrities who are leading the vaping vanguard.

Lindsay Lohan

She’s not known for her restraint, but one of Hollywood’s real bad girls has been on the e-cigs for several years now, and was even featured vaping on the US entertainment programme Extra in 2011.

Katy Perry

She kissed a girl and she liked it, and then moved on to the flavours of vaping last year. There’s debate over whether she was ever a smoker in the first place, although marrying Russell Brand would surely drive anyone to the habit.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss once allegedly paid £2,000 to fly a particular favoured brand of e-cigarettes from London to Spain in desperation. A source at the time revealed that the model had become concerned about the ageing associated with smoking tobacco, and that she made £11.7m the year before so the flight was not going to cripple her financially.

Simon Cowell

Music mogul Cowell has swapped to vaping for health reasons after collapsing in 2012. Say what you want about him and the music he has inflicted on the world, but no-one will deny his work ethic, and changing to e-cigarettes is likely to give him a healthier lifestyle. The change was even picked up in blogs such as vaperanks.

Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest out… of cigarettes. Yes, the American Idol host was another convert in the earlier years of the decade. The TV and radio personality was once spotted with an e-cig at a Paris Hilton Halloween party.

Cara Delivingne

The fashion model, actress and singer was notably seen puffing away at Madison Square Gardens in January 2014 as she enjoyed a New York Knicks game.

Zayn Malik

He disappeared from One Direction with a puff of smoke early in 2015 and the young heartthrob has been seen brandishing e-cigarettes in several photographs on his travels.

Milla Jovovich

The Standard described it as one of the first big hits in the war on smoking: Milla Jovovich puffing on an e-cigarette in Cymbeline. The Shakespearean revamp did not receive great reviews, but as the picture in this AV Club piece shows, even if it’s not real life, it’s still a statement of intent.

Bruno Mars

The Hawaiian star swapped from lighting cigarettes (and grenades) to investing in NJOY electronic cigarettes, at least partially as a result of his mother passing away from a brain aneurysm. Mars pledged to drop tobacco and went further still by promising to become tobacco-free.

Charlie Sheen

Another celeb who has invested in e-cigarettes, as the face of NicoSheen, a line of electronic cigarettes. There’s conjecture over whether the former star of Two and a Half Men has completely kicked tobacco into touch, but his endorsement surely gives out a powerful message.